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  • Phuc Long Vietnamese coffee - Moka

    We were very kindly sent samples of Phuc Long Vietnamese coffee to try. When the package arrived I was excited to try a coffee that I had never come across before. For no particular reason, I started with the blend called 'Moka' supplied in 200g sealed bags. The notes we received indicate that this is a 100% Moka roast.

    A look at the beans revealed that there were no broken beans within the packet, always a good sign. The colour of the beans is dark, and they are also fairly oily. This seemed to indicate a deep, dark roast and led me to expect a strong, dark after dinner style taste,

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  • Why choose a bean-to-cup coffee machine?

    Since the 15th century we’ve been enjoying the taste and aroma of fresh coffee. During the past 500 years baristas have come up with a large range of coffee based drinks and ways to make them. These days you don’t have too walk far before you bump into someone with a cappuccino, latte or flat white in their hand. Since 1901 we’ve got used to the joy of flavours of the espresso coffee making technique.

    More and more of us now want ‘proper coffee’ at home or in the office too. But with busy lives we haven’t always got the time or inclination to manually brew our favourite coffee. Enter bean to cup coffee makers, automatic, easy, clean and able to make delicious coffee at the press of a button. Continue reading

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